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*Pumpkin Seed  Bread                    $11
* Organic Quinoa (v)                       $11
*Light Sandwich Bread (v)             $11
*Dark Sandwich Bread (v)              $12
*Cinnamon Raisin Loaf (v)             $12
*French Baguette (v)                        $10
*Hamburger & Sausage Buns (v)           $9.90/3 pack
*Dinner Rolls (v)                                $6.90/4pack

*Wild Blueberry Scones (v)             $4.25
*Pizza Crusts (v): 

9" or 12" size   

9” $6.50   12” $11.00
*Bagels (v) various flavours                        $10.50/11.25



 All of our yummies are dairy free (df), soy free (sf) and most are vegan.

 We have something for everyone!

Selection varies daily- please order in advance to ensure we have what you'd like when you visit :)


 Vegan items
*Classic Carrot Cake slice             $6

*salted caramel Brownie                $4.75         

*Date Squares                                   $4.75
*Cupcakes (various)                        $4.25/$4.50

*Banana Bread-


$14 full/$7.50 mini

Walnut or Chocolate Chip

         $16 full/$8.50 mini

 Dairy-Free Items

*Pecan Puddle Cookies

*Butter Tarts


Friday  Special- Cinnamon Buns!! (v)

Ready every Friday at 11am

$4.25 each




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